Shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome

Rome isn't as good as Milan for shopping though you will still find all the main shops from the fashion world and smaller boutiques, no matter what you intend to buy you will always be spoilt for choice in Rome.

Designer Shops

The best area for designer shops is between the Spanish Steps, Pizza di Spagna and Via del corso & Via Condotti which are opposite the steps, you'll have plenty of boutiques to choose from with all the big brand names in fashion and jewellery, from a wide range of prices.

Armani - Via dei Condotti 77

Gucci - Via dei Condotti 8

Hermes - Via dei Condotti 67

Prada - Via dei Condotti 92

Valentino - Via dei Condotti 13

Versace - Via Borgognona 24/25


Actors of cinema, art and music masters, high fashion stylists, enterpreuners and aristocracy from the fifties to the seventies have left their footprint at the craftman's studio "Petrocchi" located in the very central Via Sistina.

The secret of such a success can be explained in few words: naturalness, true elegance, good taste and class. These have been the four trump cards holded by Tito Petrocchi who achieved the Gold Medal at Munich international expo in 1956 in recognition of his style. Some peculiarities about Petrocchi's style were the celebrated "Mambo" heels which where launched on the big screen by the great actress Silvano Mangano, the very clever "a scalpello" heels, a personal interpretation of stiletto heels made by Petrocchi and having the shape of a chisel. and duck spout men's shoes. Since that day the history of Petrocchi style has never been interrupted.

Bruno Ridolfi, in fact, his nephew, cooperated with him since the fifties and is now guarding jealously the family tradition in making shoes. The shoe workmanship as always been totally handmade and making use of the besthides and leathers, giving the possibility to the customer to choose between shoes made to measure and a wide range of handerafted shoes available at the shop in different sizes. Petrocchi style is definitely still a true interpretation of classical style.

Via dell'Orso 25
Tel: +33 (0) 1 6 687 6289


Claudio and Emilio Volpetti are running the food store Via Marmorata since 1972. These brothers are from Norcia in Umbria, a region that is famous for its genuine cheeses, ham and sausages. Volpettis themselves comes from a long line of butchers and cheese makers. Pushed by these family traditions and by the great culinary culture of their native land, Claudio and Emilio did want to make of their store a place where to discover the ancient tastes pleasure, seeking and recommending the rarest Italian products.

In their shop you can find the finest Italian and international specialties. Besides a huge cheeses and cold cuts selection, they propose several kinds of breads, cakes, strictly home made, take-away dishes, honey, dried mushrooms, fresh truffles, a good selection of wines and different kind of pasta. Volpetti's store products are unique because of the time Claudio and Emilio dedicates to the cure of their products. They also explain customers the better way to combine and use their products.

Via Marmorata, 47
Tel: +33 (0) 6 574 2352

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